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The present mountains on San Miguel are only a little over 3,000 feet high; and we estimate that it would have required a fall of at least 10,000 feet to have reduced boulders of that size, and hardness, to the degree of roundness which they profess.

We then reconstructed the land profiles to the approximate positions in which they should have been before the catastrophe.A popular notion concerning the dating of the book of Revelation has been 96 A. He quoted Irenaues, who lived from 130 AD to 202 AD. The only grounds anyone has for purporting this date are a single statement, quite obscure, written by .This is the fifth installment of my response to Tommy Ice’s article “Answers and Clarifications for Gary De Mar.” You can reference the other four posts here, here, here, and here. 95, the question for De Mar is “What does the hour of testing refer to? There are many scholars who believe that Revelation was written before A. Tommy brings up the dating issue of when Revelation was written. Here’s how Tommy presents the issue: De Mar believes this time-period refers to “the conflagration leading up to the destruction of A. 70, the tribulation period.” However, his view presupposes that Revelation was written around A. 65, which Mark Hitchcock and most scholars throughout church history have demonstrated is impossible.

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In the north, much the same had happened but at a considerably more shallow depth.

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