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As currently drafted, Section 203(b) provides that such an amendment would be effective upon the Under the Proposed DGCL Amendments, Section 374 of the DGCL would be amended to clarify the contents of the annual report required to be filed by a foreign corporation doing business in Delaware.Specifically, the annual report must contain the following information: (i) the location of its registered office in Delaware, including the street, number, city, and postal code; (ii) the name of the agent upon whom service of process against the corporation can be served; (iii) the location of the principal place of business of the corporation (meeting the address requirements set forth in (i) above); and (iv) the names and addresses of all directors of the corporation as of the filing date of the annual report and the name and address of the officer who executes such report.Any views expressed herein are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the law firm’s clients.No more ridiculous than women listing height requirements in their dating profiles, asking about height, and filtering out people with too low a number -- even though they don't actually care, it's not actually a requirement they have[1], it's just one they list and filter against at the online stage, despite not actually caring.It does not occur to them that the person they have met does not meet their stated requirements.

[2] Calculating the 60-day period under the statute based upon the first day on which a written (or electronic) consent is delivered to the corporation, rather than according to the earliest dated written (or electronic) consent, is consistent with the elimination of the individual dating requirement contemplated by the Proposed DGCL Amendments.

Finally, the Proposed DGCL Amendments also amend Section 502(a) to clarify the information required to be furnished to the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware by domestic corporations in their annual franchise tax reports with respect to the address of the corporation’s registered office in Delaware and the address of the corporation’s principal place of business.

Specifically, the amendment would make clear that the street, number, city, and postal code of the corporation’s registered office in Delaware must be included in such report and that the street, number, city, state, or foreign country of the corporation’s principal place of business also be included.

(And the answer is, yes, they still should.)[1] Example: Tom Cruise is officially 1.7m (which could be inflated, celebrities often pad by a little bit) which is 5'6.9".

That is lower than many women's stated requirements, but those requirements are not actual requirements and I doubt he had any trouble dating women he literally didn't meet the requirements of at the time.

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The Proposed DGCL Amendments amend Sections 254, 263, and 264, each of which deals with mergers or consolidations of domestic corporations and joint-stock or other associations, mergers or consolidations of domestic corporations, and partnerships and mergers or consolidations of domestic corporations and limited liability companies, to allow for mergers of Delaware corporations with joint-stock or other associations, limited liability companies, as well as partnerships formed or organized under the laws of a jurisdiction outside the United States.

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