Dating religious differences

But what if Were not those Apostles as strictly bound to announce all the doctrines that the Redeemer taught as they were to announce the truth that He was the Redeemer?

Is not this evident from the words He Himself made use of when He gave them the worldwide commission- ‘Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you’? to warrant them in believing that He gave them leave to class His doctrines under the heads of principal and subordinate, or to put forward some as of primary and others as of secondary importance?

Who has decided which teachings and doctrines are window dressing and which are actually the structure of the building itself, that is, essential?

The “essentials” seem elementary to any Evangelical.

Instead, the Apostles as the first bishops and their successors relied on the Holy Spirit to complete His revelation to the whole world through the Catholic Church.

The short definition for schism is “a split or gap; a rent, as in a garment; a division.” The Douay-Rheims translation renders this word as the more accurate “schism”. Since all Scripture is God-breathed, we should take seriously what Paul says here.

Those that subscribe to the increasingly popular “once saved, always saved” (OSAS) theology of redemption, have a different view of the disunity that has existed in Christendom for the last 500 years.

The various doctrines, creeds, and theologies of each specific Christian religion, not to mention Sacred Tradition (in its oral or written form) itself, are seen as merely “window dressing”.

But on the flip side, the “essentials” seem pretty clear to Catholics, too.

The problem here is that these essentials are defined differently between these two faiths, and often, the “essentials” even contradict each other.

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This notion that one religion is just as good as another has classically been referred to as “indifferentism”, and through the course of this essay, we’ll see how such a view is actually spiritually dangerous, and how it is contrary to what is presented in Scripture.

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