Dating red and white enamelware

A dishwasher should only be used if the pieces can be kept apart - you don’t want them to get banged up.

Because water can lead to corrosion, make sure to dry the enamelware completely after it’s washed.

Make sure to cover the handles and any tin lids before using it.

If the inside of a pot has lime or mineral stains, boiling potatoes or one teaspoon of baking soda can help remove them.

You shouldn’t use steel wool or anything sharp because you can scratch the finish.

Smaller pieces, such as pie tins or funnels, tend to sell for about to .

Larger pieces, such as mixing bowls or teapots, range from to 0 dollars.

The most expensive pieces are those that are in a rare color or pattern (like the red, purple, or cobalt blue swirl).

It’s always a good idea to wash the piece with soap and water after you’ve removed the stains.

Washing enamelware by hand is best for routine cleaning.

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