Dating people like your parent

It may be hard to put those thoughts on the back burner, but it’s still important.

If you’re in a healthy relationship, you should trust your SO.

Although toxic parents may put a burden on your dating life, it’s ultimately up to you how much it affects you.

If you and your SO use each other to stay strong and keep the relationship between the two of you, you can get through it. *Name has been changed Rachel graduated from the Honors College at James Madison University in May 2017 and is pursuing a career in the media/PR industry.

Having secrets and lies between you and your parents ruins trust and causes needless stress and drama which will affect your self-esteem, grades, and even your other friends.

Just because they are your parents and you don’t agree with them, that doesn’t make them dumb.

“But, if it's a constant argument and makes the relationship toxic too, you have to take a step back and see if this is really worth the fight.” If you’re able to put the issues aside and become closer, you know you and your SO are in it for the long haul.“This makes it harder to commit or to say, ‘I love you.’” If you’re wondering why you have a fear of commitment or are dreading those three little words, your upbringing might be the answer.If your parents didn’t show you love as a child, it will be hard for you to show love to someone else.“I was lucky and was able to start fresh with my relationships as me, and I became really grounded in who I am,” she says.“My mother listened to reasoning with an open ear after the divorce and honestly it only went up from there.” Even if your parents aren’t getting a divorce, don’t feel like you’re stuck — you’re your own person and are entitled to having your own healthy relationships.

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“It makes it even more important for me to have a supportive SO because they kind of have to outweigh the negativity she creates in my life.” Finding someone who will be there for you, toxic parents or not, is extremely valuable and will put a true test to your relationship.

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