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A table engraved indicated the other lenses: Probably for military use only.Astro Berlin seems to have made some lenses with a genuine Leica mount. Jorge is now a place where you can enjoy our heritage, get to know a little about Lisboa’s History at the Permanent Exhibition, explore the traces of the Moorish neighbourhood dating back from the 11th century at the Archaeological Site, discover yet unseen sights over the city on the Camera Obscura, stroll across the gardens and the belvederes, take a break at the Café do Castelo, participate of the guided tours or other didactical activities, or simply be enchanted by music, theatre, dancing and the talk shops on heritage that liven up your days at this remarkable Monument in Lisboa.This camera obscura, an optical system of lenses and mirrors, provides 360º detailed views of the city in real time, including its monuments, most emblematic areas, the river and the bustle of Lisbon itself.century, during the Moorish period, this fortification is situated in the area most difficult to access at the top of the hill, making use of the natural slopes to the north and west.

(Further, screwmount lenses by Meopta may at first appear to be for the Leica; however, these have 38mm screw thread and are instead for the Meopta Opema.) We will attempt to make a list of 39mm screw lenses.

In the entrance to the Permanent Exhibition, a copy of a 16th century drawing best illustrates the Royal Palace and the city of Lisbon prior to the earthquake.

Alta | Baika | Bessa L/T/R | Canon II/III/IV | Canon VT | Canon VIT | Canon P | Canon 7 | Canon 7s | Chiyoca | Chiyotax | Gokoku | Honor S1 | Honor SL | Ichicon-35 | Jeicy | Konica FR | Lausar | Leotax | Leotax G | Melcon | Melcon II | Muley | Nicca | Nicca III-L | Nippon | Tanack 35/IIIS/IV-S | Tanack SD | Tanack VP | Teica | Yasuhara T981 Arco (Colinar, Snowva) | Canon (Serenar) | Fuji (Cristar, Fujinon) | K. The mount was adopted on many Leica copies and other 35mm rangefinder cameras.

These are arranged alphabetically by company name, or by brand name when the manufacturer is unknown.

All the lenses in this list are genuine Leica mount lenses, or at least were advertised as such by reputable dealers.

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