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Some people move their whole family here to start a new life growing tomatoes, while others build a house or buy a dacha as an investment.A walk along the riverside is a great way to spend a couple of hours and really get a good feel for the city.The uprising is widely known as the Tambov Rebellion, or Antonovshina.Locals managed to drive away the Communists and return the farmland to peasants, although only for a short time.

Look out for the golden onion domes of the Orthodox churches and enjoy a cup of coffee or even a serving of shashlik at one of the numerous cafes along the way. Buses travel directly to the park and to Dynamo stadium from virtually every part of the city, including the train station and the airport. Art galleries, museums, concerts, shopping or a picnic in the forest, the choice is yours. There are more than 60 large agricultural projects being developed in the region concurrently.

A: I believe that the atmosphere for running a business is favorable not only in Tambov but also in Russia in general.

The Tambov region in particular is experiencing rapid development in agriculture and the massive construction of housing and roads.

Then there is Gavrila Derzhavin, a great poet who became the governor of Tambov in 1785.

His legacy includes schools, a drama theater, a printing house and the first newspaper published outside Moscow, Tambovskiye Izvestia.

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This period was captured in Andrei Smirnov's "Zhila-Byla Odna Baba" (Once Upon a Time There Was a Woman), which was named best Russian movie at the Nika Awards in 2011.

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