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The Marx logo is a smaller circle within a larger circle.The smaller inner circle resembles a railroad crossing sign covered by a large "X" and the letters “MAR”.Marx began production of its ink-lithographed, tin train with 6-inch cars in 1935 and continued to manufacture this model for decades with few variations in basic construction.Identify whether the train has a particular theme or design.

Marx introduced his trademark line of electric and clockwork tinplate trains in 1935. Look for the Marx logo on the underside of one of the train's cars.During Lionel's early days, Americans were captivated by the railroads and awed by electricity, still a rarity in many homes.Lionel's first trains were powered by wet-cell (acid-filled!Marx also produced special-edition train sets, such as the series of diesel trains made for Sears throughout the 1960s. Arm yourself with knowledge by seeking out experts.Specialty websites and reference books feature photographs illustrating the components of Marx trains.

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