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This 4th of July homecoming and picnic is a local tradition since the early 20th century.

The day begins with a parade that is followed by activities at the picnic grounds such as an old fashioned barbeque, various vendors, entertainment at the bandstand along with speeches from local, state and national politicians,a carnival with rides for the kids, beauty contests for all ages, a drawing for three ,000 prizes and finally a fireworks display at 10 pm.

Taylor had picked up Lily at a building and then headed to the swanky Greenwich hotel to start their night together as the cameraman asked the questions to Taylor.

Kendall Jenner stables her horses at an unpretentious show barn called Huntover.

She hadn’t had a real break in three and a half years and was suffering from debilitating anxiety and mysterious, intense neck pain. “I made it a point at the beginning of 2017 to consciously slow down, take more time for myself, be more selective and not just do whatever my agents tell me to do.” All of which brought her back to the barn. I didn’t care for anything else, I didn’t care about boys. Why, I wonder, does the internet seem to think you’re gay? “I think it’s because I’m not like all my other sisters, who are like, ‘Here’s me and my boyfriend! “I would never hide something like that.”She realizes that it’s only a.m.—too early for lunch—so she gets off the freeway and heads toward Kardashistan: Hidden Hills, where she grew up and where her mother still lives and where Kylie and Kimye also now have homes. (The ten children in the family now have thirteen children among them.) Kylie all but made her family sign nondisclosure agreements. I can get a dog—and I can take the dog for a walk.” Just then we pull up and stop in front of her old house. but now it’s a completely different house because they tore it down, but the yard still looks the same, and they kept the front driveway, and . Two years ago, she drove me around Los Angeles in her 1956 robin’s-egg blue Corvette convertible. When they leave, Kendall says, “They were both, like, so pretty—both, like, tan, with spooky blue eyes.” I am struck by not only how polite she is, but how graceful.

This is what makes me really happy.” She has since realized that she wants to go to shows—to jump again. ’ So it was a thing for a minute because no one ever saw me with a guy. But I don’t want to say that wrong, because I’m not transgender or anything. The Kardashian/Jenners may have started out as just another option on the reality-entertainment on-demand menu, but have since penetrated the culture so completely that you can hate on them, but good luck trying to ignore them. She is definitely getting the most out of every day. When I ask Kendall about it, she first expresses exasperated relief that she’s finally allowed to talk about it. “OK, so this was where they first started filming . I remind her that she described it as “not the most discreet form of transportation,” and she lets out a honking laugh and says, “This one’s even —it’s flashier, and it’s a boat.”We head upstairs to the Polo Lounge and are seated at an enormous corner booth, and within minutes are approached by an oddly appealing young French couple on their honeymoon, hoping for a photograph. She seems to be effortlessly in tune with how people in different situations want to—and should—be treated. it’s just really cool and empowering to see a bunch of women come together and say we’re not going to stand for this—we’re not taking it lightly; we are going full force.

Her horses, Belle and Dylan—both European warmblood mares trained as jumpers—sway their heads and whinny at the sound of their owner’s voice. As Kendall makes her way over to the mounting block, Dyl is spooked by a couple of dogs sitting under a tree. The relationship between rider and horse is a very particular thing—there is chemistry and courtship involved, a period of getting used to each other’s idiosyncrasies. She’s smart.”Kendall heads into the ring and takes Dyl through some easy paces. The gestalt of the Kardashian enterprise—the thing that makes it somehow feel universal—may very well be the simple idea of girls playing house. “Go inside and play and stuff,” Kendall says, still wistfully on the verge of tears.

So I found this lady, she’s awesome, she taught me TM, and I love it.”)A few minutes later, Mark is at the center of the ring as Kendall canters in loops around him. “We’re trying to think of an alias for me for when I go to shows, because I want to be under the radar,” she says.“What’s your middle name? She refuses to confirm this fact, but one of the reasons we can be fairly certain is that the day after Valentine’s Day she calls me from Michigan, and when I ask why she’s there she says coyly, “I’m visiting a .” When I ask point-blank if she has a boyfriend, she says, “I like my private life.” Pause. Kendall goes on: “I don’t think I have a bisexual or gay bone in my body, but I don’t know! I’m all down for experience—not against it whatsoever—but I’ve never been there before.” She ponders it for a moment. A little less than two years ago, when I had dinner with Kendall at her mother’s house for a piece for this magazine, Kris Jenner cooked an elaborate feast for us and mostly left us alone in the dining room to talk. Her self-described best friend, Taco Bennett, a 23-year-old DJ and member of the hip-hop collective Odd Future, says, “She’s like my second mom—she’s my mom. “I want to have kids, but at, like, 28 or 29.” She also might want to get herself situated first. It comes from a place of self-confidence, but with no air of arrogance, which is rare.” He thinks Kendall transcends fashion: “In 30 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if people have forgotten that she was one of the top models of the time and know her for something else.”Kendall met Taco Bennett on Twitter seven years ago. ” says Bennett, who describes Kendall as a “lone wolf”—someone who “hides in plain sight better than anyone.”Other than going that extra mile to avoid the prying eyes of the paparazzi, Kendall does not strain against being one of the most famous and beautiful women in the world. that it makes you not want to participate in anything. And I wish I had the power to fix it all.” I bring up the endless stream of news about sexual harassment and assault, most recently in the fashion world. A multicultural misfire, it depicted a faux protest rally, complete with cops and barricades, with Kendall cast as a model who walks out of her photo shoot to see what all the fuss is about, joins the rally, and crosses the barricades to hand a white cop a Pepsi—and then high-fives her new protest friends.“Obviously, my intention was not to hurt anyone,” she says. It hurt me that I hurt other people.” She thinks for a minute.

Later, though, she joined in for a bit, and when Kendall took a phone call, Kris and I went outside to tour the pool area. Whenever I get drunk she takes care of me.” Says Kendall: “My friends make fun of me and call me Mama Ken because I literally take control of every situation. Do you know how many times I’ve taken care of my drunk friends? When I first met Kendall two years ago, I picked her up at her relatively new condo in Westwood, which was being packed up because she was selling it and moving into a house in the Hollywood Hills. I had stalkers that literally broke in while I was . Indeed, she is appalled by some of the behavior she sees in the rarefied worlds she now travels through. I’ve had days lately where I just want to sit in my bed and do nothing. “Luckily, I haven’t been put into a situation like that ever in my life,” she says. I can try and understand it.“But that being said, I think that it’s so powerful that, in a time that’s so . “I’ve been yelled at before, stepped in controversy before, but nothing to that extent.

“That’s a good question,” she says, and ponders it for a moment. I am still trying to find my path—in life, not work-wise.”We talk a bit about the year or so since the last election. “I am a huge people pleaser, and that is what my job has always been: You come to set and you do what you’re told.

I don’t think of myself as anything special most days—I am just a normal-ass kid who likes to hang out with her friends and likes pizza.

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However, 25.0% of Piggott residents live in poverty.

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