Dating hand tinted photographs

Color applied by hand is usually obvious as such, although the results produced by a skilled colorist can be quite realistic.

One must be able to identify hand coloring as such so that no processes are prematurely omitted during identification.

She completed a Master of Fine Art degree at the University of Texas in 1991 where she also taught photography in the Department of Art and Art History until 1997. In 2004 she received the Photographer of the Year award from the Houston Center for Photography.

She now regularly teaches at the Santa Fe Photographic workshops, and The Italy ‘Spirit into Matter’ workshops.

The formerly isolated island state had emerged as a world power and a cosmopolitan center of East Asian commerce and industry, and the traditional lifestyle Shin’ichi worked to preserve was being rapidly supplanted by Westernized standards of dress and urbanization.

In later years, Shin’ichi was honored with many awards for his work, including a request to photograph Emperor Meiji and his wife.

Photography is a magical process, but the ‘hands on’ aspect of applying pigment is not only fun, it is meditation on the joy of ‘making’ something that comes from somewhere within.This is one of several Jerome photos from Dave's family collection that has been hand-tinted.Is the tinting likely to have been added at the Jerome studio or later?What we euphemistically refer to as the “Opening of Japan” catalyzed a period of seismic upheaval for the proud formerly closed country. Much of Japan was wracked by famine in the mid 1860s….Between the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate in 1853 and the Meiji restoration in 1868, Japanese society changed rapidly due to the sudden forced influx of foreign capital and influence, much of it destructive. As if all this were not curse enough, the foreigners also brought cholera with them.” They also brought photography, and both Western and Japanese photographers documented not only the country’s profound transformation, but also its traditional dress and culture.

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