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1112 Episode 01 Lite - An episodic mystery game about a man who is experiencing constant headaches and strange dreams.Features high resolution images, animated backgrounds, exclusive music and a whole lot more.Free Phat Lewt - Free Phat Lewt is your classic dungeon exploration style RPG where you must make your way through the levels, killing everything you come across to gain more and more experience, increasing the attributes of your character.This free version features 5 levels, while the full version has hundreds.You can play against real players from around the world and follow the global leaderboard to see who runs the best crew, and then see if you can team up with one of them to make the both of you more powerful. Loot Wars - This game has one simple goal: amass loot. Free Version - You are a rookie mobster in The City, and you need to acquire guns and cars so you can battle other players from around the world.There are over 1,000 items for you to try to locate to fight or barter for, and you can chat with other players about what you are looking for or take it to their community forums. As you grow in power, people will offer you land to buy, bankers will want to launder your money and more.The Lite version allows you to play up to the ninth level, while the full version has 29 levels in total.Dice Bag - While not a game in and of itself, Dice Bag is a dice rolling application for real world role playing enthusiasts.

Free version lets you play the first of the eight kingdoms.You won't have a need to carry around a bag full of dice for your weekly Dungeons & Dragons games anymore since this app lets you roll d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 dice.You can also set it up for multi-dice rolls such as 3d6 and 4d6.Gamevice connects directly to your smart device's charging port.No need to pair or charge and every button press counts.

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The free version does not allow you to partner with any other mobs and only lets you play through experience level 9.

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