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The TS% is one way to see how much free iron you have.

TS% is calculated from the measure of fasting serum iron and total iron binding capacity (TIBC)--any doctor can order these tests and inform you of your TS%, which normally should be 25-35%.

I also have shortness of breath, constant fatigue and lack of overall energy.

I went to a doctor at Emory and he has now diagnosed me with an autoammune disease (not sure which one), and polymalsia.

For hemochromatosis patients we offer an entire book with recipes: The Hemochromatosis Cookbook. fiz ressonancia abdominal e na coluna deu tudo normal, somente acumulo de ferro leve no figado e baço.estou no rio de janeiroalguém sugere com este quadro alguma coisa?

Fri, December 10, 2010 @ AM Enzyme deficiency related iron overload ,results in my usage of Desferal . Sun, January 16, 2011 @ PM Hi, my name is Miriam Ruiz from Mexico.

spaghetti sauce.) Well water can contain high levels of non-heme iron, but this is generally a sign of leeching of potentially harmful substances into the water source from a nearby landfill or dump. When you see rusty streaks in your sink or tub, you can filter out the rust for the drinking water but you should have your water tested for more harmful things such as benzene, a known carcinogen.

Diet for iron overload regardless of the source (inherited or acquired iron loading conditions) can make a difference especially if free iron levels are very high.

He said she did have a blood disorder called Hematomachrosis.

It is affecting my daily functioning and work performance and I feel that it is getting to a dibilitating state.

Please give me some direction if you understand this disease.

Things that step up absorption include alcohol and vitamin C supplements--but do not eliminate vitamin C from the diet--just consume it on an empty stomach between meals and enjoy C-rich fruits and veggies--but do so sparingly at a meal that includes meat.

Iron skillets are not the best cooking utensil to use if your iron levels are high--especially if you are simmering acidic foods for several hours (e.g.

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He is not sure if I am an unaffected carrier or not.

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