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The people of the Solomon Islands are made up of Oceania’s three main cultural groups: Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia.Visitors experience a welcome from the heart in local villages, while being fascinated by the unspoiled and unhurried environment the Solomon Islands provide.

Back-Roads Touring Co, a London based tour company, has specialized in leisurely paced scheduled departures through the UK, Europe, and Asia for the last 28 years.

We hope you will enjoy this Webinar which will help you to get to know and sell Argentina with Aerolineas Argentinas, our National Institute of Tourism (INPROTUR), and our Sky Team partner – Delta Airlines. The Solomon Islands are an archipelago of almost 1,000 islands, located between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu – a three hour journey from Australia.

These islands are laid-back, welcoming and often surprisingly untouched.

Some neologisms can be mistaken for being very old as well.

Compare Lost in Imitation (well-known elements of a story are a lot more recent than the story itself), The Newest Ones in the Book.

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