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However, it is difficult to imagine that the inherited prejudices against Black/White marriage will ever again claim the loyalty of the majority of Americans.Although the civil rights struggle emerged in the 1950s, the effects it had on racial intermarriage lagged until the 1960s, when the re-alignments in race relations of the era began to bring together Black and White Americans in new residential, educational and work-related contexts in significant numbers.Abstract Black/White romance has become increasingly commonplace in the United States in recent years.Primetime television shows and movies frequently present as unremarkable the love affairs between Black men and White women and between Black women and White men.

S., marriage rates plunged, and it became economically difficult for young people to form new households.Anti-miscegenation statutes and deeper racial fears and hatred, combined with a much larger Black population, accounted for a somewhat slower rise in intermarriage rates in the South. In a summary of twentieth century trends, he writes that: Studies from the first half of the twentieth century have suggested a decline over this time period in the frequency of interracial marriage, although the evidence is either largely impressionistic or based on small, geographically specific samples. By 2002, there were 395,000 Black/White marriages (U. Aaron Gullickson has analyzed census data for Black/White intermarriage trends in the U. Since 1960, the frequency of interracial marriage has increased at a constant exponential rate (Gullickson, 202). Black/White Marriage The broader social acceptance of interracial romance saw its beginnings in the early to mid- 1960s, before the 1967 Supreme Court decision in Loving vs.Virginia, and coincident with the major advances of the civil rights movement.

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