Dating culture in scandinavia

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This post is being closed because of its age, 200 comments (causing reading issues), and load problems. Does it really take forever for people to get married in Sweden?

Is there segregation between Finnish and non-Finnish students at school/university? I am not and I don't want to be in a conservative society. I don't care if you're Nordic or Slavic - the institutions/culture you've created is more important. Finland has some quirky laws and high taxes, but depending on the US you get weird states/dry counties etc. As to being "gay friendly" I kind of wonder WTF you mean with it? If you buy drinks and dont expect back, you'll get a reputation of a stupid douche. Finnish sense of humor is telling this to foreigners and seeing how long it takes them to figure it out.

But beggars can't be choosers so since Sweden ended its free education, I'm looking at Finland and Norway. Except if you try an hide your modesty as then you are gay as you need to hide your boner. You don't tip as you can't afford it and besides waiters get paid union wages. If you buy someone a drink, and leave so someone "owes" you a drink, they'll pounce you next time with a drink even you are driving as they've not slept because they owed you. If someone buys you a drink and you don't buy one back you'll get a reputation of being a douche.

Now it struck me that dating swedish men is something more utopian (for me at least) but at the same time more confusing than it could ever be. Do people in Finland drink as much and is it because of the cold weather or boredom or just part of the culture/socializing? I think that groups of people CAN have similar traits overall. A while back I was asking these same questions about Sweden and Londoners and I got interesting responses about the shyness of Swedes and the indirect ways they communicate. The only foreign experience I had was in London a year back and I noticed that people loved to drink at the pub - it was like a recreational/social activity. Also, parts of Northern Finland (but not Finland Proper) geographically belong to the Scandinavian Peninsula. - Do they use a dating website like here in the US? - Once they start, the men can't get a grunt in between. The Swedish-speaking Finns are a living remnant of that continuum.

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