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With the exception of the first clue, which explains the game, it doesn’t matter what order you go in.

To finish it all off, place a special Valentine’s Day gift or treat at the very last location of your hunt. When your family is ready to play, give them the first clue.

Not only is this scavenger hunt easy to set up with a cute bag label you can print directly onto the bag, its full of fun activities that will create a memorable Valentine’s Day adventure. Not only are there several clues that will lead you to various places around the house, but there are challenging tasks that family members must complete before moving on to the next clue! And with colorful designs by Karyn from the site If Actually, putting this activity together for your family is super easy!

We have outlined everything you need to pull off a quick and easy Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt for your whole family! Just check out how fun these free printables are: Start by adding these darling bag cover designs to the front of white lunch bags.

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