Dating a tantra

It is a decisive tool we can use for finding life’s purpose." – Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph.D; Spiritual Head, Himalayan Institute; Teacher, author, humanitarian, and visionary spiritual leader "True enlightenment is not simply an elevated state of mind but a complete change of consciousness from the limited ego to the supreme Self-realization in which we are one with all existence – extending to all time and space and beyond.

Notably, Govindan has provided a unique perspective on this profound work from the Kriya Yoga and South Indian Shaivite traditions that gives his rendering a special value for disciples on these paths. An introductory chapter explains the principles to follow in their practice. Please contact Neo Delphi Inc., in Japan : by phone at (0)3-3354.4701, by fax at (0)3-3341.4578, e-mail K.

Because of its succinctness and focus on essentials, the Yoga-Sutra is ideally suited for in-depth study. Part 3: Making our life our Yoga: Moving towards equilibrium: Calmly Active, Actively Calm. Judgment, or How to Avoid Harming others and Ourselves. All countries are my homeland and all persons are part of my family. A book that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to step into their Self/ Highest Potential is "Kriya Yoga: Insights Along The Path”, by Marshall Govindan and Jan Ahlund.

Its approach is rational, systematic, and philosophical. Holy madness, Kundalini, Shakti pat and Ego-Crushing. The book is a powerful companion for aspirants, practitioners or teachers alike, who are on a path towards expanded awareness, self realisation and personal mastery. These 18 postures were selected by Babaji from among the thousands which exist to form an efficient system for rejuvenating the physical body and preparing it for the more subtle phases of his Kriya Yoga.

He takes the Yoga Sutras out of academic confusion and into the realm of deeper yoga practice. Receiving the Grace of our Satguru Kriya Babaji Nagaraj. Hoshina or on the web at : US.50 to the USA, CAD.50 within Canada, CAD for Australia, USD for overseas surface, USD.50 for overseas airmail.

He reveals the many sides of the true yogic science of consciousness that go far beyond asana or popular Yoga today." – David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri), author "Yoga and Ayurveda", Director of American Institute of Vedic Studies. A few months ago I asked Swami Nityananda what was the one thing I could do for the 200 or so people I see each week as I teach yoga and he said, "teach them Patanjali's sutras". This book provides detailed instructions, diagrams and photographs in the practice of a particular set of 18 Yoga asanas or postures, known as "Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga." The essays and instructions herein enable the practitioner to go beyond the development and health of the physical body, and to transform the practice of yoga asana into a spiritual practice, inducing a higher state of consciousness.

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