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This site was originally posted as a text-only linkpage, where I could catalog mp3-bearing sites I found worthwhile (since my modem and I found Limewire frustrating after Napster collapsed), and hopefully share them with visitors to my portfolio site.

First off, you might want to download Audacity, a free open-source audio editor.--EC Brown 12.2007 Epitonic was a godsend after originally trudging through the great trash heap known as MP3Of all of the amalgamated mp3 sites on the web, this is definitely the best in terms of content quality, and utilizes a most helpful search/recommendation system. (almost an album's worth of their scorch) '68 Comeback (garage) Thee Headcoats and Holly Golightly Rovo (with Yamamoto from the Boredoms) Thuja (ambient psych) Azusa Plane (psych/noise/drone - some lengthy pieces) Aix Em Klemm (ambient rock) Randy Grief (creepy electro and samples) Zoviet France (legendary electronicists) Alp (compositions from everyday sounds) Goem (repetitive and minimal) Badawi (dub with Mideastern loops) Nortec Collective (Tijuana d&b) SQ (lo-fi droning) Nordisk Sang (Nordic folk compilation) Badar Ali Khan (cousin to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) Oliveros/Dempster/Panaiotis (performing in a 2-million-gallon cistern) Stefano Scodanibbio (experimental contrabass) The Mount Everest Trio (mid-1970's Swedish jazz) Luther Thomas/ Human Arts Ensemble (more kickass jazz) Mountain Goats (frenetic folk) Michael Yonkers Band (primative psych-garage) I've heard that Epitonic was sold by its creators (now administering Better Propaganda) to a larger corporation.Plus, seeing other cohorts like Oddio Overplay and Tofu Hut take extending breaks or change formats made me think that I was missing some writing on the wall somewhere.Nowadays, I'll check blogs like WFMU, Crud Crud and Garage Hangover, but I tend to buy a lot more music (CD or vinyl) at shops, since my wife and I can make a date out of it.

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