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The Cancer man will expect complete emotional involvement from his partner which is just not in the nature of a Libra to offer.She is a creature of air and like fellow air signs - a Gemini or Aquarius - prefers to maintain a detachment from emotional complexities.The Libra in its turn is ruled by the planet Venus who in Roman mythology is the goddess of beauty and love.Little wonder then the Libra is much more attuned to beauty of balance and form in their lives.Stress, ugliness and meanness of any kind upsets both signs, though the Libra much more than the Cancer.This common tendency means that both the Cancer and Libra will do their best to keep things pleasant and make their relationship work.

Cancer Woman and Libra Man The male Libra with his penchant for order and harmony will find in a Cancer woman the right balance of feminine beauty and the capacity for warm affection.Cancer and Libra occupy the fourth and seventh positions in the zodiac calendar.A relationship between partners from each of these signs has a high chance of success even though they might have to contend with some difficulties.However potential differences might crop when the Cancer woman looks forward to spending an intimate evening with her partner at home while her Libra man wishes to go out with close friends.The Libra is one of the most social signs in the zodiac and keeping him away from his circle of friends is not likely to put him in the best of moods.

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Thus he knows when to reach out to her and when to wait quietly for her to make the first move.

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