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Although nn, I just don't know how much nastier is what you would like, so advice would be very very helpful 12742I've already been trying to write captions for the image, some like that, but I just haven't been able to have any sort of success so far at all.

I might also be giving up on decensoring Ubanis pictures too since it looks like they started releasing everything in very high resolution and uncensored on gelbooru.And just in general good to see more of your edits Elzi, you do a great job with all these different fetishes that can be difficult to find new stuff on.12728Holy shit Elzi, I really hope to see more of the "boss npc personality" one, the sissy faggot cock loving edits and captions, especially by huge fat dicks on girls make me lose it.I've started riding a toy and milking myself to your images, I can't last more than a minute or two at best.12733Continuing the glowing thing at the top to the right side where the removed guy's head would be was too difficult for me.;_;12740Feedback is always welcome, and I'll still do them anyway, and I'm more than happy to create alternates when people ask for them.Like it's over the top for them, but not filthy enough for you, and I can just save alternates to try and please both.

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