Cousins dating each other

Conventional wisdom says only primitive people who live in isolated places marry cousins. Take Albert Einstein was he intelligent enough for you? A lot of "experts," politicians and clergymen, are dead set against cousin marriage, and they've convinced a lot of people, including many lawmakers, that marrying a cousin is a bad thing to do.

Half the states in America have banned cousin marriage, but there's no good reason for it.

The risks of birth defects or mental retardation are 2 or 3% higher among married cousins, but other parental risk factors are higher.

Age, for example, increases the risk much more: There's a 6 to 8% chance that a woman over 40 will give birth to a child with birth defects.

This website is unusually popular with the pro-cousin marriage crowd.

In April of 2009, I published a list on 11 State Laws About Marrying Your Cousins, From Strictest to Loosest.

There are risks and challenges in any marriage, but it should not be for politicians to decide such intimate matters as whether you get to marry the person you love.

Love, marriage and procreation are personal choices better not left to "experts" who are often repeating myths.

(Your fourth cousin only shares your great great great grandparents.) There’s a good chance you have third and fourth cousins you’ve never even met. Look, there are some low cards in that deck, but the point stands.

Neither of us ever expected it, but it just happened. I hope that all these ridiculous myths fade away one day, and people accept choices such as these and choose to live and let live. Hi my name is Lisa I fell in love with my first cousin John.

We have been together now for a little over two years.

That’s enough distance that the old joke “you’d save money on wedding invites if you married your cousin” barely rings true; the overlap probably isn’t that significant. Go track down your third or fourth cousin and go out for a cuisine that doesn’t match your heritage (just to avoid potentially awkward conservations about old family recipes).

That being said, your third or fourth cousins are juuust close enough that dating one will be at least a somewhat rebellious gesture against your parents — it’s “best of both worlds” in that way too. And finally, here are some notable people who’ve married their third cousins: John Adams…

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Third and fourth cousin marriages are the, quote, “best of both worlds.” They’re breakfast food for dinner.

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