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“ ‘Pretty on the Inside,’ ” writes Elizabeth Wurtzel in , “is such a cacophony—full of such grating, abrasive, and unpleasant sludges of noise—that very few people are likely to get through it once, let alone give it the repeated listenings it needs for you to discover that it’s probably the most compelling album to have been released in 1991.”Courtney’s postfeminist stance (she has the power—she just wants to be loved) echoes throughout her songs.

Her chosen topics—rape and abortion, to name two—are extremely provocative.

She gave lots of interviews and the notoriously fickle British music magazines, who adored her grunge-rock sound and her torn thirties tea dresses, proclaimed her their new genius.

“The British tabloids called me ‘leggy’ and ‘stunning,’ ” she recalls. It had a really big picture of me as a blonde and a really small picture of her as a brunette.

She and Hole were just signed to a million-dollar record deal; she is married to Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana, and within the realm of the alternative-music scene, Courtney is now regarded as a train-wreck personality: she may be awful, but you can’t take your eyes off her.

Her timing is excellent: in the wake of the huge success of Nirvana, an extremely talented rock band from Seattle that surprised everyone in the industry by selling (so far) seven million records worldwide, there has been a frenzy to sign other bands in the punk-grunge-underground mode.

When Hole went to England, she wasn’t shy about either Madonna’s interest or her new boyfriend.

“Slit me open and suck my scars,” she sings about sex.

“Don’t worry baby, you will never stink so bad again,” she intones about a botched abortion.

“From then on, it was ‘Madonna’s Hole,’ ‘Madonna’s Hole.’ Suddenly, we’re just of the bidders.

At Hole’s next show, thirteen A&R people were there!

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The music ranges from almost pop to loud thrashing—the only real unifying link is that most of the bands are on independent labels and appeal to college audiences.

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