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This statistic increases for a second marriage, with 20 percent of men marrying someone at least 10 years younger.

When you reverse the genders, for a first marriage it’s only about 1 percent of women with a husband 10 years or more her junior, 2 percent for six to nine years younger.

For instance, Albright says, many people think relationships with big age gaps are about trading “beauty for money.” But Brateman says we should be careful about making that assumption — which is based on a mostly outdated stereotype — and about using mocking terms such as opportunists, cougars, gold diggers.

“All these labels reflect a deep-rooted sexism and judge women,” she says.

It also bumps up for a second marriage — to 5 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

The public sometimes lauds older woman-younger man couples for flouting the stereotype — witness plaudits for French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, who’s 24 years older — but there’s still bias against them, too.

As she describes the younger woman, older man scenario, “A woman in her 20s has a lot more options than any other time in her life. With a 20-year age gap, I would question what’s going on in her life.

There’s usually an underlying thing, an emotional or psychological thing getting played out.” Julie Albright, a sociologist at the University of Southern California, agrees and explains of the younger partner, “Sometimes what happens in these relationships is that they are looking to fulfill some kind of a psychological need.

Bravo sibling Oxygen will also air an unscripted companion series exploring the real-life experiences of those manipulated and harassed by Meehan.

Silva describes four main factors that affect the health of a relationship: “lifestyle compatibility (establishing your career vs.

being financially secure), health factors as you age, childbearing age and financial planning,” the last one being a leading reason for discord and divorce.

They didn’t have a parental figure or something like that.

When you have someone who is 18, early 20s, they’re not done psychologically developing yet.

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