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The attraction of a RPPC is that the scene shown is an actual scene from the past whereas a printed card can often be an artist's conception of how the particular scene appeared.

RPPCs are usually much rarer than printed cards as printed cards were easier to produce in large numbers.

The most reliable method of differentiating the two is with a magnifying glass.

A printed card viewed through a glass will display a series of dots used to create the image that are lacking in a RPPC.

One of the most popular areas of collecting is "town views" – actual scenes from a particular town or region.

Most collectors of town views start by collecting views of the town where they reside or the town where they grew up.

Postcards are collected by historical societies, libraries and genealogical societies because of their importance in research such as how a city looked at a particular time in history as well as social history.

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Some are attracted to the postcards themselves, then narrow down their interests.

Others are interested in something in particular, such as ballet, then decide to collect ballet-related postcards as a way to augment their interest in ballet.

Stamp boxes on printed cards also offer dating clues.

The Tichnor Brothers Collection: Approximately 25,000 postcards that are office .

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