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Christian males and females are guilty of such thinking.God frowns upon pre-marital sex and there are many reasons why.Pre-marital sex is not only a “no-no” for Christians who are dating but it should also be a “no-no” for non-believers and this is why; God created Sex for the reasoning of creating human life and for the enjoyment of married couples.Sex between married couples is a gift from God while joining of two souls.We want people who experience same-sex attraction, those who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual (LGBT) or who are just questioning; their family and friends; their churches and pastors; and those investigating Christianity, to find here a plausible way of living out what Christians have consistently believed about marriage and sex.

Christians should never place their desires above God.Numerous Christian couples have experienced the destruction that sex can have on their dating relationship.Pre-marital sex may not lead to the destruction of the relationship right away however, it can minimally lead to confusion while making the relationship unhealthy and ultimately ending, even if not right away.Sex occurs on television, sex in music and unbelievably, sexual scandals in churches.Often times, Christians try to find excuses in ignoring the blatant command from God that one should not engage in pre-marital sex.

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Many Christians are concerned about sex and Christian dating.

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