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Figure for every teen swigging alcopops and energy drinks in wannabe style, there’s another buying into the beer-n-babes positioning, taking cues from this Heineken ‘hiney’ messaging on how to treat, view and ogle females.”My Thoughts On Sex Robots by Dan Jubelirer (published on Amplify Jan 12, 2010) On last nights’ show, Colbert covered the invention of a sex robot that has touch sensors and the ability to download different personalities.(Note, the above video above is short and hilarious, please watch it.It acts like your travel agent and answers questions like “What is the maze? Tell Aeden on Google Assistant you want to have sex and it will say “While there’s no limits in the park, we have to keep things PG on Google Home. Westworld’s bot, like several other bots launched in recent months, was designed to bring you closer to a brand.The Channel 4 series , about robots slowly becoming self aware, has a Facebook Messenger bot.

I’m usually a ‘to each his/her own’ kinda gal, but this smacks of objectification in the same tenor as the ‘cyborg’ Heineken campaign I wrote about awhile back, taking it up a notch by turning it into reality “…I sure don’t want MY daughter perceived as a human coaster or a lap to rest a beer upon, much less have a mini-keg spring from her womb in servile cyborg style like this opportunistic objectification.has created a Google Assistant action that will talk to you about a trip to Westworld park, a world where AI-powered robots are starting to become self-aware and violent. ” three times and you will hear a long series of numbers and letters followed by “You’re in a prison of your own sins. Arnold will come for you.” You can ask Aeden about , spoiler alert: The robots break into full rebellion, and after the season finale last month, the online version of Aeden also began to act differently, and started dropping Easter eggs for season two. ” Whether it’s a failure to hear what I said correctly, the fake broken code, or even the misspelling of Aeden on the Google Home app, the brilliant part about speaking with Aeden is that the entire show is about malfunctions or self-awareness in artificial intelligence.You speak with the Google Assistant service by saying “OK Google, let me talk to Aeden at Westworld.” Aeden is a chatbot that made its debut last fall on the Discover Westworld website. Hell and devils may be on the menu, but Aeden on Google Home will not speak to you about sex, guns, or alcohol, which is strange since is a TV show full of sex and violence. So when you speak to the Google Assistant action and things go wrong, it’s hard to tell if that’s intentional or not.heavy-handed tone to start thinking about where we’re headed and more importantly…why.represents further evidence of female objectification in every nook and cranny of our pop culture media cacophony, imho.

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These nefarious netbots are Romeos of the worst kind, intelligent enough to No big moral panic here on the kids’ media front, as the chat I’ve seen so far is less teen talk, and more along the lines of naive ‘porndogs’ sniffin’ out a fresh trail in the lonely hearts club…then again, these days, I suppose that could be an 11 year old, so heads up all around I guess…

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  1. The duo were together until 2010 and even have a daughter named Nahla Aubry. Well, we certainly know what it means when someone says that they’re keeping things under the radar.