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Aside from the cost of the connection pack, all products include 23 percent as of July 1, 2010; plus a 12 percent state tax is automatically deducted from the amount of talk time each time you recharge or top up.* There is no charge to receive calls or sms (short message service or text message) within Greece, but charges plus roaming will apply when using a prepaid Greek SIM card in another country.

Each company has a multitude of plans with prices for domestic and international sms, MMS and per minute charges for phone calls to land lines and cell/mobile phones in the same or different network.

nearest you (in English) a) Greek citizens: Must present the phone SIM card and Greek passport or Greek ID.

* Minors without a Greek ID, passport or similar document must have their parents/guardians register their identity.

e) Specify if they want to be listed or unlisted in the directory (you can change your mind at any time).

Doing a comparison would be time-consuming and impossible to keep current because prices and terms change monthly, even daily.

Follow the links provided at the end of this article under ‘Contact Info’ to get a sense of cost and individual plans, or visit a local store and tell them what you prefer to receive an informed recommendation.

There are always special offers as companies compete for millions of users, and promotions touting free or double credits are frequently broadcast via sms in Greek or advertised on company websites in Greek and English.

*Certain purchases allow the user to keep the 12 percent tax.

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