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You will get an email when your sweetheart logs in.

If you’re not on your computer 24/7, have the notification forwarded to your mobile phone. If you need some time to compose your masterpiece, do it beforehand and save it on your computer. Ashley Madison says that once contact has been established with a member, all further messages are free.

I recently had a chance to chat with Keith Lalonde, VP at Ashley Madison.

He told me that accepting collect messages does NOT count as establishing contact.

This is a trick I already wrote in my Ashley Madison tips for guys.

You also don’t need to buy credits (although may want to for other reasons).

In other words: Google Translate can remember stuff. So if you’re inclined now to skip out on using the service, you may want to master The Single Best Way to Learn A New Language Quickly. to read a language that, honestly, you don’t even know how to fully comprehend.

In 2015, engineers at Instagram coined the term “Emojineering,” to describe a new series of programs implemented by the company. So, every time you use an emoji on Instagram, you’re teaching an A. It’s no secret that math whizzes on Wall Street use computer programs to do the heavy lifting. And for more on why this might not be the last time this happens, check out What Life Could Look Like 100 Years From Now. system that can read the check light years faster than any bank teller.

So, when four of the widest-reaching and most influential science-fiction franchises of all time—works spanning a six-decade chunk of history—depict artificial intelligence as an unreasonably dastardly force hellbent on total eradication of the human race, we can’t help but think: . And its most common iterations live right in your pocket—in more ways than you realize. To have some fun with yours, check out the 20 Funniest Things You Can Ask Siri.

But here’s the thing: artificial intelligence already exists. And once you’ve run through these, don’t miss the 20 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Can Do. These trusty virtual assistants are programmed to learn your voice, read your contacts list, fire off texts and calls, pinpoint your location, read the weather, and tap into the myriad other A. Featuring 103 languages and used by more than half a billion people daily, Google Translate is among the most widely used and far-reaching artificial intelligence programs on the planet.

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