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have been found in the cave, covering at least five separate human occupations.

Daisy Cave is an important site because it provides good evidence for the use of boats along the Pacific coast by 10,500 years ago.

This dissolves the calcium carbonate matrix holding the delicate fossils.

Researchers use a number of techniques to date the cave deposits.

The breccia is then chipped away from the fossils and stone tools with small chisels and airscribes (a power tool used to separate fossils from rocks). where the lime has been dissolved away by groundwater and the breccia has broken up) are excavated with picks and shovels and all the earth is sieved, so even small bones of rodents, insectivores, bats, lizards, frogs and birds can be recovered.

Palaeontologist Dr Robert Broom began to recover fossils from lime mining activities at Sterkfontein in 1936.

From 1945 onward, he and his colleague, John Robinson, used controlled explosions to extract more fossils.

Prior to removal, the position of each block of breccia is recorded in three dimensions, relative to a grid.

Fossils can be prepared in a laboratory using small, pointed chisels and lightweight hammers.

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Fragmented and crushed fossils can be reconstructed after cleaning.

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