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However, after reviewing the literature that does exist, they believe that their findings are in line with the previous studies which have been made on the subject.

While the often hedonistic pursuit of sex might not be a full replacement for a lifestyle that pursues eudaemonia, this study suggests that some overlap between the two forms of happiness, particularly where feeling as though your life has meaning is concerned, does exist.

The covers’ stark, utilitarian type treatment contrasts with the optical illusions triggered by the interplay of the bold black and white graphics.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer Design by Jon Gray. America by Kafka I have a great admiration for all Alvin Lustig’s (1915-1955) designs, especially for the New Directions New Classics Series. Lustig creates an exceptionally strong graphic abstraction with a prominent star symbol in American red white and blue.

” A phrasing that has appeared on other tests of well-being and is considered to measure if people find their lives meaningful or not adequately.

As anybody who has had an existential crisis or three knows, not having meaning in your life can cause anxiety, dread, fear, and loathing.Between alienation, isolation, and the absurdity we face every day, most of us need a bit of a pick me up when it comes to having meaning in our lives from time to time.Luckily, a new study shows an interesting way to find more meaning in your life: having sex. Kashdan and others at George Mason University asked participants a to answer a series of questions every day relating to their life satisfaction and the frequency, intimacy, enjoyability of their sexual activity.A recent Malaysian fatwa claims (religious edict) that women are obligated to meet their husband’s sexual demands, even if they are on a camel, has left many Muslims in Malaysia and around world infuriated as they saw such calls to be encouraging rape.The controversial fatwa is attributed to Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria as reported by Malay Mail Online in the context that once married and the dowry is paid, Muslim women, “can’t refuse unless when she’s [on her] period.” According to the Malaysian cleric, a Muslim woman has “no right” to reject her husband’s call for sex and a man has the right to force himself on her. On social media, many users poked fun of the edict saying things like wondering how – if the fatwa is to believed – would it be possible for a couple to have sex on top of a camel, others questioned the mufti’s position about having sex in public.

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