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She reclines at poolside briefly but the heat of the day is too much. Dors' suit becomes translucent when she's submerged in the cool water. She moves like a ballet dancer as she peels it off.The camera moves in for underwater close-ups of her massive floating tits that she shakes and jiggles.Nila soaps up and uses her showerhead to come clean. I can see in a man's eyes when he sees my boobs if he truly loves them or not." "Nila is from a part of the world that turns out a lot of brickhouse babes who know how to take care of their men," a TSG staffer pointed out. Sashaa kisses and sucks his prick some more, her bright eyes widening in anticipation of a nasty, hard fuck.The funniest thing Nila has ever had a guy say to her was "Your parents have worked well." Nila's advice for trying to date her? "The fact that she has a beautiful face sweetens the pot." Sashaa Juggs didn't walk out of a dirty movie theater in that trench coat. Tony probes Sashaa's girl-box with his fingers, feeling her wetness. Some of it sticks to her chin and dangles like a cum goatee.Here, there is nothing." When she was in Prague for her XL Girls shoots, Carla spent some free time ogling the local Czech policemen.Like we mentioned, Carla4Garda really likes cops and their clubs. I've had sexual encounters with 41 Guards now in total," Carla4Garda said at the time this scene was filmed. Kitty: Over the years I've had a few sexual encounters with other females, and I love it.Could you handle the nasty action in a private lap dance room with a stripper who looks like Charlie Cooper and fucks you in bad-girl positions?

Dors Feline wears a white, sheer and thin one-piece and gold high heels.Using the standard formula of subtracting her underbust from her bust and converting that number to a letter, we arrive at 9 or letter I. Gracie demonstrates her webcam tits and pussy action, rubbing one out with her fingers until she cums hard.Gracie is into role-playing games like MILF, step-mother, mommy and teacher. The funniest pick-up line she's heard so far is "You look like my mom and I find that super-hot."Ivory-skinned, redheaded vixen Sonja Haze reaches out and gets a grip on Asante's briefs to feel the hard chocolate bar within.We don't own and manage strip clubs but if we did, it would be the Big Girl Strip Club.And the dancers would be free to go wild in the VIP room where the washable furniture is very suitable for lap bouncing and won't stick to a girl's ass.

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Carla4Garda is well-known in Galway for her pro-police stance. "I have a massive fetish for Garda," Carla4Garda told us.

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