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Grish Chunder Dutt was the finest silversmith in Calcutta.This charming sweetmeats bowl, in the Calcutta style, depicts a village scene of a farmer harvesting the crops in his field.A bowl with much of the coriander-leaf pattern for which Kutch was known, but with a departure from Kutch style in the Calcutta-style foliage and ogee-shaped, medallion-framed scenes of havelis and shrines.This double-ended spirits measure is of Calcutta origin.), but that, before the second bowl was completed, he ended his association with that shop and left to open a shop on his own. I will follow wherever love takes me away from Bengal with my lover & never return. My ideal mate should be a fun-loving person who loves anime, manga, music, movies, art or anything that can kead to a decent conversation. The quality of Dutt’s craftsmanship was well established, but what is unusual about this piece is its dragon handle, not usually seen in pieces of Indian design.The dragon is very finely done, with scales delineated over the full length of its body, and its claws drawn into itself.

There were several silversmth shops in Bhovanipore in Calcutta around 1850-1900.

Along with Dass & Dutt, another very celebrated silversmith was Grish Chunder Dutt, who also designed pieces depicting Bengali village life.

This charming set of pepper pots with pull-off lids depicts a village scene of a farmer harvesting the crops in his field.

It is possible that the pot was made for the China export trade, since the dragon was a popular Chinese theme, and the style of the finial is also of a type more Burmese or Chinese than Indian.

The piece depicts scenes of rural village life: two different pairs of bullocks, pulling ploughs; one dhoti-clad figure, walking, sheltering himself with a parasol; another carrying a basket; and several village huts amid palm trees and umbrella trees.

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