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"And we know there are whole rafts of issues that were never, or hardly ever, discussed in the referendum which are now extremely important."The Irish border is one, and that is one that matters for Wales because our ports could suddenly find themselves as part of a hard-economic border with Ireland. "For all these reasons we are coming together, on a cross-party basis, to speak out for the people of Wales and to demand, for them, and for everybody else in the UK, a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal.In the first public meeting not to be webcasted by the council as a result of the spending controls imposed on the authority, senior councillors heard from academics, councillors, campaigners and others ahead of making recommendations on the draft budget for 2018-2019.First to speak at what Heather Smith described as one of the most important meetings of the year was Dr Graham St John-Willey, who brought along several mock Magna Cartas, which he later offered to cabinet members.Will it help protect and grow the number of well-paid, highly-skilled, jobs that Wales needs?"One thing we already know is that many of the promises made during the referendum campaign are not going to be kept. There will not be any new trade deals ready to sign as soon as we leave.

This is because the council was asking people to undertake a task meant, by law, to be the responsibility of the authority.The Labour leaders of Newport, Torfaen and Caerphilly councils Cllrs Debbie Wilcox, Anthony Hunt and David Poole have also signed the letter, as has Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood and Liberal Democrat education secretary Kirsty Williams, as well as Wales MEPs Jill Evans and Derek Vaughan, who represent Plaid Cymru and Labour respectively.But controversy has arisen around Ms Williams and Mr Davies, who is also local government and public services secretary, signing the letter - in conflict with the Welsh Government's official policy of respecting the referendum result.He told cabinet members they were failing to provide a comprehensive and efficient library service given they were "dismantling" the current structure.The next speaker, retired librarian Alison Richards, likened the situation to a divorce by virtue of the council breaking up with its libraries.

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"Failure to take action would fatally undermine your authority in cabinet and your ability to maintain collective responsibility." A Welsh Government spokeswoman said: “The first minister’s priority remains securing the best deal possible for the people of Wales and the UK.” Mr Davies and Ms Williams were contacted for comment.

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