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Shows vary from clothed hour-long conversations to five-minute masturbatory sessions. An hour-long conversation with a stranger can test your nerves, it can bridge lines that may make you uncomfortable.

The pressure is on for you to be perceived as the person that someone that you do not know wants you to be. Some feel entitled to make you do what they want – after all, they are paying for their time with you.

Prostitution, for example, is the oldest profession in history. For those of you who are perhaps naive about the term “Webcam Model,” I can only say that the name of the profession is misleading.

A Webcam Model is one who puts on a show (I use this vague term for a reason) for money.

I find that the best part of webcam modeling is that of learning to accept.

I don’t have to like what people are divulging to me, but I am interested to listen.

It is usually up to me to steer the conversation in a different direction without judging, or simply saying, “No, I won’t do that.” This is not to say that other conversations about taboo fantasies will be ended.

I must market myself as interesting, desirable, and compelling – all of which I think that I am, but am not so conceited to think that I am all of those things to everyone.

Every woman is beautiful, every woman has something to offer, and most times, there will always be someone there to buy it.

Others, my preferred type, find a woman the most attractive when they are comfortable, when they are themselves, and not acting.

I have my boundaries, though I never openly talk about them. This generally has all of my bases covered, as far as rape fantasies, underage fantasies, incestual fantasies, beastiality fantasies, etcetera.

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I have a BA in Anthropology, and am a passionate people-watcher. It is in our genetic code to spread our gene pool as much as possible in our lifetime.

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