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But of course, knowing who I am makes finding the right people to trust my heart with doubly difficult.I’m 21 and a never-been-kissed virgin, and that’s mostly because I haven’t really met the sort of people I can connect to on a very deep, emotional level.

Whether it was Kai Hiwatari from the – I’d imagine myself going on adventures across fantastical terrain with them or tell them about my loneliness, my fears, and my aspirations.

It was the internet that finally came to the rescue.

It introduced me to the notion that one’s sexual orientation needn’t be a watertight compartment, but can exist on a spectrum.

Yes, I was mildly interested in how the whole reproductive process worked, nearly vomited when I found out the intricacies of oral sex, laughed good naturedly at sexual innuendos and appreciated the fact that Zac Efron and Joe Jonas were conventionally “sexy.” But I wasn’t the kid who went home, turned off the lights and locked the doors to discover the pleasures of masturbation and watching porn.

Touching myself certainly wasn’t an alien concept, and it was something I chose to partake in very, very occasionally over the years.

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