Becoming good friends before dating

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They were cuddled up with Aaron on his back, Beth snuggled up to his right side. that is if his bladder wasn't telling him something different.Sasha pushed Aaron against the back wall of the shower giving him a soft kiss before sinking to her knees in front of him.She never let go of his cock, which was now right in front of her face, slowly continuing to stroke it.He pulled on the pajama pants he had brought over with him and headed out into the hall. "Hey there," the curtain pulled back slightly and Sasha poked her head out smiling at the red faced boy before her eyes lowered to his peeing cock. Hope you don't mind me stealing a peek." "I guess it's only fair," Aaron said blushing before shaking the last few drops from his cock and stuffing it back in his pants, causing Sasha to slide her head back in the shower. She was facing him when he climbed in, so he took in the sight of her.Aaron went to the upstairs bathroom, finding the door open and walking in. "You're up pretty early." "Yea, I usually am," Sasha said upbeat. I always feel so comfy in his arms." "That's right, he's on the road this week," Aaron said. " "Yea it was awesome," Aaron said, wanting to go but realizing that he shouldn't be rude when talking with someone. She was taller than Beth, slightly more of a petite athletic build, slightly smaller tits but the same round butt, thick thighs and scarlet hair that ran in the family.

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Aaron tried to fight it but it was too much for him and he forced himself to slowly detangle himself from Beth who stayed asleep.

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