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The program includes conferences by specialists in Asian Art, in cooperation with museums and cultural institutions."Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Ritual" illuminates the deep interconnection between the natural environment, cultural traditions, and people of Nepal's Kathmandu Valley, as expressed through more than 50 works of art in the exhibition.From 2nd November to 11th November, London's leading Asian art dealers, auction houses and academic and cultural institutions will unite to present an exciting programme of gallery receptions, auctions, lectures, symposia and museum exhibitions.Sample of the magnificent selection of Asian antiques from: India; Islam; China; Japan; the Himalayas and Korea, spanning some 5000 years of culture - including ceramics, furniture, glass, jade, jewellery, manuscripts, metalwork, paintings, screens, stone carvings and textiles. 12 -17, 2017: Parcours des Mondes is the most important show of tribal art by quality and diversity of its participants.Pratapaditya Pal's affectionate memorial, Paul Walter: Personal Memories. Pal's article, where we show a few of the many donations of Asian works of art donated by Paul Walter to several of the great museums of the United States.“Centuries of Opulence: Jewels of India” features 50 lavish, historical jewelry pieces on loan from a private collection that have rarely been seen in public.Showcasing more than 300 years of adornment in India, the exhibit explores the original sources of the diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other gems decorating these pieces, their religious and cultural symbolism, the wars fought for them and the historical tradition of gemology - the study of gems - in India.

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