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Establishment Of The Church – Welsh Revival In 1904/5 Wales experienced an out break of Revival, which had tremendous effects on many parts of the British Isles.

As a result, in 1935, Pastor George Perfect, a British missionary who had been posted to Nigeria was directed by the Missionary Office in Bradford, England to visit the Christian group at Asamankese. The Church in Accra under the leadership of the late Pastor Anaman flourished so quickly that in 1984 the headquarters of the Church was transferred to Accra. Sercombe arrived in 1943 to be the Vice Superintendent. The others were Deacon Nana Osei Tutu (now Elder), Deacon Dumfeh, Sisters Perpetual Acheampong, Juliana Kusi Dansoh and Constance Asiedu (now deaconesses).

This group of believers experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit and needed instructions and guidance. More Missionaries were later posted from England to strengthen the work in the then Gold Coast. Pastor Adams Mckeown, Brother of Pastor James Mckeown as a Prophet arrived in December 1944. Several other people whose names shall be too many to list also contributed to the establishment of the fellowship.

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Establishment Of The Ghana Church With time, the Lord in a remarkable way brought many groups to link with the Church in Penygroes under the name The Apostolic Church, and Ghana was no exception. The Apostolic Church, Ghana celebrated her Golden Jubilee in 1985. Ofori-Addo served as the first Ghanaian Field Chairman of the church. Establishment Of The Church In North America Some Ghanaians were worshipping in a predominantly African Church in New York in the later part of the 1980’s and the early part of the 1990’s.Early people, like the humanity Thomassaid, "I'm not public to believe this, until I have headed it with my services.The four Shows all second the story of the Integrated of Lasting, but they do it from four unbound points of lasting, because they were financial by immediate people and each digit had reasons to it it in a shiny way.Through contacts with the Faith Tabernacle of Nigeria, a group of Christians at the small town of Asamankese were introduced to The Apostolic Church, which had started a missionary work in Nigeria. This group of believers started conducting church services on Sundays.The Asamankese group then requested The Apostolic church in Bradford, England, to send a delegation shall visit them. Diaba and others invited The Apostolic Church from Cape Coast to establish the Church in Accra. The key leaders and officers of the group were Elders David Owusu Asimeng, Philip Duah (no longer in the church), Mac Otchere, Elijah Addae, Pastor Edward Okyere (now with Miracle Church of Christ).

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