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Some 3DS owners are still diligently playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf - visiting their towns to exchange pleasantries with the locals, dig up some weeds and ensure that everything is tickety-boo.

There's also a farming mechanic, which looks similar to Harvest Moon.Chugga visited her town of Aurnion and it was revealed Amelia had moved there.Emile briefly returned to her town on New Year's Eve.As enough time passes the fear or repercussions can lead some to avoid their towns entirely; at best there'll be a lot of weeds and disgruntled - in some cases - heartbroken residents.At worst the town will have descended into a post-apocalyptic state where locals are having to scavenge and fight over the last apple.

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We've taken the best aspects of life simulators and improved and expanded on these aspects."The team has even considered bringing the free-to-play life sim to Wii U, Diepeveen continued."Some people are concerned of Nintendo's opinion of our game.

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