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He didn’t even know if he was still a member; that was a stupid thought.Too many of his former friends would know how Jane treated him now, how his life had changed utterly; how he was living the life of a baby girl aged two and a bit.He opened his eyes at last, a quick glance showed the familiar cot bars and the pink glow of sunlight through the nursery curtains.Relief flooded through him, it was only a dream, the same dream, a frightening dream, and a visit to his past life.

That meant a hard spanking that really hurt with the pain lingering for some time often over a day coupled with some cunningly designed additional outrageous exposure in public that left him shaking with embarrassment and fear.

He was with his brother in law Simon in the golf club bar and he needed to go to the men’s room badly; everybody was talking and he seemed unable to move, the need became overwhelming, and then, all of a sudden, it happened, a warm feeling spread round his groin, everybody stopped and looked, surprise, horror then laughter all around him.

He wanted to run but was held still, something was wrong, why did it not run down his legs? The warmth spread upwards and sideways ignoring gravity.

Simon hissed loudly “David you are wetting your pants!!!

“ David woke with a start, heart pounding, sweat on his chest and face.

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