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I'm not completely sure if age play like that is against the rules on sm or not? I would think that at least in the US that would be against some kind of law?It's in the performer code of conduct "Performer agrees that s/he will not violate any law concerning obscenity.Add some pictures/drawings or movies to illustrate what you have written No common porn that can be found everywhere.Stick to the theme Off subject material is forbidden and will be removed and so will be persistant offenders This group is for adults to play out fantasies and indulge in role/age play.

It makes me so sick when some guy asks me to RP underage.They were all daring each other to touch my cock and in the end they each had a feel, one after the other.This was the first time girls had seen my dick and the first time anyone had seen it erect. Not only did they see me and touch me I surprised them by blowing my load. I'm not interested in little girls or underaged sex, I just find girls in uniform fuel for my fantasy.i have confessed most times i have done this and i make it clear i am not meeting or anything like that. i know if i was trying to talk to younger people i could but I have ZERO interest to talk to anyone young.I get a lot of requests to do RP younger, like way under age.

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