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It seems to be more after he spends time with maternal grandparents.

He wakes up at night and gets rocked back to sleep, or has talks about "mommy" when he is there.

Most of all, give her some time, listen to what she needs, and answer her questions and concerns openly and honesty.

I have a question about a one year old child who has lost their mom.

People that do not know us will ask "how old is he 4"? If he falls down, just a little fall, he gets up screaming as though he just split his head open.

The other day we were at a friends, and he came in running and screaming....

He comes home and talks a lot about his mom, and gets angry.

So, yes, your stepson is grieving and never had to learn how to do it. As he moves from one age to the next, he will re-grieve this loss. Age 6 is the transition from very young to being bigger and having more activities and demands placed on him.Do they know at that age to grieve, and if not, does the grieving start at an older age?My step son who is now 6, lost his mother shortly after he turned one.With mother’s day coming up, which is often a big deal in elementary schools, it might be worse than usual.To make it a little easier for her, you could encourage her classmates and teacher to write cards to her, you could talk to her friends about helpful ways to interact with her, you could ease her back into school by inviting her for only two hours or a half day, being close to her most of the time to support her.

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For instance, the sight of a corpse is immediately recognized by other members of the species, including humans.

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