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From local Yelp alternatives to popular messaging apps, your smartphone can make you a smarter traveler.

We’re featuring these popular South Korean apps for traveling: If you live there, you probably already have this Korean chat app.

The app was very popular amongst my classmates in my Korean class while studying abroad.

Whenever our professor could not explain a word in Korean, we deferred to this app.

Play Store | i Tunes South Korea has an amazing array of travel experiences available.

From the towering cities to the ski fields and mountains, plus historical and cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone.

In her natural habitat, the Bay-Area native spiritedly argues over fictional characters, researches flight price trends for her next adventure, or reads the newest young adult fantasy books in the air-conditioned comfort of a nearby bubble tea café.

저희 Autism Speaks는 자폐 관련 연구 및 자폐인 가족들을 위한 옹호 지원 서비스를 제공하는 데에 앞장서고 있습니다.

Play Store | i Tunes Please don’t use Google Translator. The Google Translator app is pretty good for some languages, but not for Korean! Naver’s English to Korean Dictionary is the best Korean translator app available.Consider using Yogiyo, the most popular food delivery food service app in Korea.Directly translated into English, is a phrase to call a server over to your table when eating out.It is, however, the most popular rendition of the Seoul subway map and for good reasons.Not only is it accurate, but also detailed—it tells you which car is closest to your transfer.

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