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Though shocked to learn that his wife had been redeeming her hall pass, he was forced to simmer down when she reminded him that he had agreed to this state of affairs four decades earlier. Theirs was, and is, a swell marriage — but what if that hall pass had become a “Hell, no! If my position sounds conservative, it’s because I’m dedicated to conserving happy couples.I understand the desire for sexual variety and adventure.With a third couple, the two spouses are monogamous at home but grant each other hall passes when they travel solo for business.With a fourth, each spouse has a “secondary” (or two) who lives nearby.” Two suburban dads, Rick and Fred (played by Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis), get the chance to find out when their wives, Maggie and Grace (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate), grant them a once-in-a-marriage “hall pass” — a weeklong free ticket to sexual adventure.Their rationale seems to be that a lighthearted fling might forestall an actual affair. No matter how casual its immediate lustful attraction, sex often develops into an emotional bond — one that could threaten the original couple.Their arrangement worked beautifully for more than 40 years.

And they become obsessed with the question, “Will I ever have sex with anyone but my wife/husband before I die?One couple in a very long marriage confided to me that they had always followed a “5 percent privacy” rule — a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that freed each of them to devote one night in 20 to whatever they wished to do.This time off could include having sex outside the relationship, but it remained unknowable to (and inviolable by) the other party.But I also think it’s impossible to know how we would react if we agreed to a hall pass — and it actually happened.So, alluring as it is, I have to say “pass” on the hall pass.

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