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The jury deliberated for two hours before reaching a verdict: The man was 75 percent negligent, while the woman carried 25 percent of the blame.

Two jurors, however, dissented, believing the man was entirely at fault.

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He testified that he told her that he had herpes not out of guilt, as she contended, but because he liked her and wanted her to know there might be times when he had an outbreak and he would have to refrain from sex.

In 1996, however, a 32-year-old woman filed suit against her 38-year-old former Portland boyfriend, claiming he infected her with genital herpes after making a conscious decision not to tell her of his health status. Others criminalize only the intentional spreading of HIV because of its serious, life-threatening nature.

Oregon does neither, but prosecutors can charge defendants under existing statutes, such as the state's assault law.

It was the first time a case of one person suing another for intentionally transmitting herpes went to trial in Oregon, said the attorneys who tried and researched the case.

Jurors were asked to ponder fundamental questions about dating and sex in today's times: Was the man obligated to tell his date that he had genital herpes before they had unprotected sex?

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