Adult camera one on one

Video can be played back using the monitor or by connecting to an external monitor using the video cable (included). There are two illumination types available: A full battery charge on the camera and the monitor both last around three hours.

The camera now comes in just one size: The small size makes it suitable for studying Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, bluebirds, kestrels, screech-owls, and many other cavity-nesting birds.

If you have a color preference, send an email to [email protected] your color preference(s). Other than the portable battery pack described above, we do not sell any accessories for the camera system.

If your color preference is not listed above as "available", it will take a few extra days to make the camera body. The camera and monitor come ready to use as shipped.

You will receive return instructions and a price quote on the repair.

If the item cannot be repaired, you will not be charged.

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