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cast members have gone on to find big success in highly acclaimed television series. Jordan, on the other hand, has become a full-fledged movie star since he played Vince Howard in the series’ fourth and fifth seasons.Anyone who saw his courageous and nuanced performance as the de facto leader of the East Dillon Lions shouldn’t be surprised.An undisputed star of the Dillon Panthers’ varsity squad, he was cocky about his abilities on and off the field -- but he worked damn hard to make sure he stayed on top, too. So it was kind-of a bummer when he retreated from the acting world for a few years after his time on the series was up.He also made everyone cry in his final episode, celebrating with his beloved mama and his former teammates before he left Dillon to follow his college football dreams. Thankfully, he returned to our lives and our TV screens in 2012 as the ambitious and uber-competitive Dr.-- an adaptation of the 2004 movie and 1990 book of the same name -- never quite found the legions of adoring fans that it deserved.But Peter Berg’s series, about a small Texas town and its high school football teams, inspired passionate devotion from fans and critics alike.But thanks to zoning rules, he found himself relegated to the much-less-impressive East Dillon Lions squad.

That doesn’t mean she always had it easy -- in fact, between trying to help raise her siblings and run her family BBQ business and trying to stay focused on her life and her future, she rarely got a break.It’s a shame we never really got to see what happened to Lyla after she left Dillon in season three.But Minka Kelly has remained a pretty constant presence since her time on Smash’s arrogance could be a bit of a turn-off, but it was never unwarranted.That support kept the series afloat even after NBC pulled the plug. It was full of complex characters and realistic stories about what it feels like to make mistakes, face the reality of trying to reach your goals, fall in and out of love, and grow up. Many have gone on to find real and lasting success in film and TV.Others have struggled to keep their careers going since they left Dillon, Texas behind. Find out When it comes to sports movies or TV shows, inspirational speeches are a time-honored tradition.

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