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Click on "Polishing Cloths" just above this paragraph. Brush the piece with a soft, clean brush (like a makeup brush) to get the dust from the crevices.(The exception is: Aurora Borealis stones which scratch so easily that they shouldn't be brushed.Regarding DUNKING IN FLUIDS, cleaning under the faucet, and spraying fluids directly on costume jewelry, Sparklz has this to say.Rhinestones, even currently made ones, are not all of one quality.Alternate products: Some people like alcohol on a q-tip.

(Do not spray directly on the jewelry) will remove most dirt & residues. If using a brush, blot, blot, blot the toothbrush on a cloth.

Having seen new rhinestone pieces that have considerable darkening, she also thinks that the original quality of the rhinestone contributes to its good condition or lack thereof. Sparklz hopes you will read the entire page, but if you are looking for specific information, you can go directly to these subjects: CLEANING RHINESTONES REMOVING RHINESTONES SETTING RHINESTONES GLUES POLISHING CLOTHS & COMPOUNDS ABOUT LOUPES JUMP RINGS PIN BACKS/STEMS GREEN GUNK RHINESTONE & SUPPLIES SOURCES EXPERT REPAIRS Before you read this section, you might want to drop down to the Polishing Cloths section and have a look at Sunshine Cloths.

Depending upon the piece of jewelry, it may need only a light polishing with this cloth.

When you think there isn't any moisture left in the brush, run your thumb across it and watch for a mist.

If it flips a mist into the air, it is still too wet. Some people turn the piece upside down while brushing and leave it that way a half hour to be sure it is really dry.

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If you can cover the AB stones with a finger and brush around it, that is good.

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