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You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. Men have no control over the size of their penises, so you can’t really resent a guy for that.Currently there’s no plastic surgery men can do to increase the size. But here’s an interesting fact: size from flaccid to erect varies greatly, from less than a quarter inch to about 3.5 inches.Because the G-spot is located about 1 to 2 inches inside the vagina, to stimulate it, most women require their man to be only about 2 inches deep inside the vagina.You can find your G-spot by inserting your finger in your vagina and then using a “come here” motion.Also, by keeping your legs close together or even crossing your ankles helps to increase the friction and feeling of tightness.

Quick Warning: While this tutorial video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you.This is a good small penis sex position, because squatting helps to open you up and make penetration easier for him. Alternatively, you can learn 13 more positions where you’re on top of you man on this page.The Anvil position works great because it shortens the vaginal canal, so penetration feels much deeper.You won’t be intimidated, and your man should have a good time. You should check out the in depth Anal Sex Guide here on tips for having satisfying and pain-free anal sex.Of course if you are looking for some good anal sex positions to try with your man, then you will find 19 different position here.

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You can also learn 10 other Doggy Style positions here.

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