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The new Annual Statistical Report on the Texas Judiciary from the Office of Court Administration is out. 112 we see that District Judges in Texas generated just more than 25,000 new felony drug possession convictions in 2017.

But Moore believes its just part of a larger graveyard that includes the remains of those who were part of the convict leasing system.

Many of the people buried here were men in their 20s and 30s, with dates of death ranging from 1912 to 1943. shirt and a blue Department of Corrections hat, he recalls how he became intrigued with the history when he served as a correctional officer for three years in the mid-1980s at Jester I and III Units, located in unincorporated Fort Bend County. Cunningham in 1878 leased out convicts for labor through the state of Texas.

The state would eventually gain control over the inmates five years later.

Its indisputable, said Moore, who serves as guardian of the Old Imperial Farm Cemetery.

Theyve been trying to hide this history for years, and now we can finally hold them accountable for the atrocities that happened that they didnt want to be exposed.

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